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ConstellationIf you are in a Career or Job search, there are some amazing resources available to you. Some are free, some are affordable, some are quite expensive. Unfortunately, the price charged doesn’t always reflect the quality of the service.

Background on why I’m doing this
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Job Search Steps, in a suggested order (Miscellaneous tips further down):

  1. Ten-Ten-Ten
  2. Career Search -or- Job Search
  3. Job Search Strategy
  4. Are You Ready to Start a Search?
  5. Things to Avoid. (like the plague!)
  6. Some Guiding Principles
  7. The Critical Need for Accountability
  8. Develop Your Systems
  9. Start Your Contacts List. Warning! This is planning, not actually contacting yet
  10. Find a Partner for Accountability
  11. Assume the Worst
  12. Be Sure You are Clear on Who You Are
  13. Identify What You Are Looking for VERY Specifically
  14. Create a Target List
    1. Prioritize and Refine Your Target List
  15. Marketing Plans
    1. Your Messages
    2. Be Professional
    3. Your Stories


  1. Connect First, Apply Second
  2. Networking 101
  3. Finding and Validating Email Addresses
  4. Connect, Connect, Connect
  5. The Courtesy of a Response
  6. The Third Party Assessment
  7. Your Many Messages. Start Simply
  8. Your Spouse: Secret Weapon, or Saboteur?
  9. Elevator Pitch? Or simple messages and phrases? (“ditch the pitch”)
  10. LinkedIn: Free or Paid?
  11. The Billboard Analogy
  12. Using Google to overcome LinkedIn limits
  13. Network with employed people!
  14. Be Findable, Be Reachable
  15. A Professional Email address
  16. Limit your use of Expert, Experienced, Guru, etc.
  17. LinkedIn invitations: Dos and Don’ts
  18. Your LinkedIn Headline

Last updated 1/15/2015.

Please remember, a job search is normally an ordered set of steps. If you try to skip steps, it usually doesn?t work out well.

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