Password Ideas

Based on the idea of an easy to remember password, start by finding things you are familiar with, but not obvious (or available) to others. A few thoughts:

  • Former addresses. (Home, business, even friends)
  • Former phone numbers
  • Former employers
  • Favorite companies
  • Favorite brands, or tag lines of brands
  • Bible Verses can be great passwords
  • Consider your earliest childhood memory that you haven’t shared with anyone else?
  • Now, mix, match, scramble. Don’t worry too much about obfuscating
  • 1234 Main Street, Podunk, GA 30123
  • 678-555-4321
  • Turner Broadcasting
  • Coca-Cola
  • Just do it
  • 2 Peter 2:1
From the above, it would be easy to generate:
  • 30123Turner
  • 4321MainCola
  • 1234BroadcastCoke
  • 2Peter2:1
* Note bias for numbers before letters. Most password attacks do what people do — put numbers after words. Reverse it to raise the level of difficulty. At least for a while.
Can you create a “core” password using this type of process? Something easy for you to remember without ever writing down? Bet you can!