Training vs. User Experience, Part 1

Just sort of thinking out loud here. What is the ultimate goal of user interfaces, user experience testing, training, learning systems, etc.? Isn’t it to provide the user a better experience, whatever that might mean? What’s the best way to do that?


Haven’t we believed, or at least said, for a very long time now, that computers are here to make our lives better? How is that working for you? A favorite quote of mine, which is probably not even real, was in the movie Jobs, and is attributed to Jony Ive. I expect he has said something pretty close to it sometime:

?I think you [referring to Steve Jobs] believe that the computer, or the Walkman, or whatever it may be, should be a natural extension of the individual, and it’s that mission, that devotion to quality.”

?Through the years, we’ve said “simple,” and “easy,” and even “friendly,” but natural extension is a great expression.

But how do we get there?