Easy, Enjoyable, Effective

This is a concept I picked up from one of my favorite churches, Liberty Church, in Marietta, GA.
Liberty Church goes way out of its way to make some otherwise hard things, easy. For example:
  1. Services on several days at lots of different times to allow for strange work schedules
  2. Small groups just before, or just after, services, with on-campus locations to meet. (Don’t make people do multiple trips: maximize each church visit)
  3. Resources! Audio library. Materials. Ideas. Liberty makes things available, low-cost or no-cost, for small groups, “short courses,” and studies on countless subjects
  4. Visitor friendly. Embracing, encouraging, but never pushy

Liberty Church constantly repeats one of its simple mantras, Easy, Enjoyable, Effective. The rather obvious (once you’ve encountered it) idea: if you want somebody to do something, make it easy for them. But don’t stop there. Build in some enjoyment. And, have the payoff of making the activity effective.

KeepItSimple125Think about, for instance, discipleship. How many more people would engage if it was easy, and enjoyable, and they felt they really made progress — effective. But wait, this can apply to so much more. Training. Exercise. Dieting. Reading. Studying. Traveling. A new project. What is there that you want to do that you wouldn’t be more successful with if it were easy, enjoyable and effective?
This concept has become one of my themes for nearly everything. 100% success? Of course not. But still an inspiration and a direction.

What challenges do you have that could be simplified by looking for the Easy, the Enjoyable, and the Effective? One idea that has paid off well for me: “start small.”

Example: I only commit 2 minutes a day to blogging. Yup. Two minutes. Key part of this, I only commit two minutes. Often, because I’ve now made it easy, and enjoyable, I go over the commitment. But I don’t have to.

Likewise, reading five minutes a day. 25 sit-ups a day. I am so much more likely to follow-through, and go beyond, when the commitment is low, and … EASY, ENJOYABLE, EFFECTIVE. You may argue that 25 sit-ups isn’t effective. It’s way more effective than zero! Plus, because it’s easy and enjoyable, how often do you think I stop at 25? (not often)

What might you do more of if it were easy, enjoyable, and effective?