WHY Good Passwords Matter

So what’s the big deal?

There are bad guys out to get you! (yes, you) Not necessarily because you are special, although that could be. The bad guys are using automated software to attack any and every machine and website they can find. If they find you, and you have poor passwords, then bad things can happen, and bad things are, well, not good.

Any breech can turn into a larger breech. Indications are the Target hack came through an innocuous HVAC controller — nothing even slightly related to credit cards.

But what if I have nothing on the Internet of value? Are you sure? What if someone else took over your web email account, or facebook, or twitter, or anything else, and started posting things pretending to be you? What would that do to your reputation? (keep in mind, once someone takes over, you don’t have it to fight back with)

If you are part of an organization, then your weak password may allow a hacker to gain access to your network, and in turn to other accounts. Think of this like a burglar who is inside your building after everyone leaves and the doors are locked. If he’s inside already, he has nearly unlimited time to wreak havoc. Don’t be the one who let him in!

Last Updated: 9/30/2014
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